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Strategic Planning

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The intense connection between markets heighten the need for companies to create an increasingly detailed strategic planning and seek to boost the efficiency of their production process, expanding the reach of their products and services in order to exploit the full potential of the national and international market.

Because of this, the number of companies that seek to internationalizes or internationalize their products is increasing, and being aware of all the variables is fundamental. It is therefore necessary to first evaluate the company and diagnose what are the strengths and opportunities of the business, to understand where it wants to reach, so that through this information and based on the market knowledge that Grupo Map Business has, develop a strategic plan for your company.

The Grupo Map Business evaluates national and international companies, observing the whole set of processes that form the company and elaborates a strategic plan, based on the objective of each client. During the elaboration of this strategic plan, we evaluate the market where the company operates and/or intends to act as a buyer or supplier of a product. We seek to form partnerships, analyze competitors, observe the culture of the consumer, study the logistics dynamics of the region, as well as political, economic and all the variables that are within our reach.

We have professionals with extensive experience in national and international trade, which allows a detailed analysis of the business, which enables our team to draw the best strategies considering all the variables that surround the business both within Brazil and in other countries.

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