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Import for account and order consist in bringing your merchandise from abroad through our import company, providing to your enterprise the ICMS tax benefit, a state tax granted by the state of Santa Catarina that allows a reduction of import costs, providing a better cash flow.

Organizations have increasingly chosen to focus on the main purpose of their own business (core-business) and to outsource other functions of their enterprise.

This trend also occurs in foreign trade, as some companies have outsourced their merchandise import operations. One of the legally recognized and duly regulated by the Federal Revenue Service of Brazil (RFB) is the import by account and order. In this type of operation, a company - the acquirer - interested in a particular good, contracts a service provider - an importer by account and order - so that by using the originating resources from the contractor, the importer provides the import clearance on the acquirer's name.

To be considered regular, the import service provision must comply with certain requirements, conditions and ancillary tax obligations foreseen by the legislation.

Likewise, both the importing company and the acquiring company must observe the specific tax treatment of this type of operation, as well as take some special precautions, in order not to be caught by surprise by a tax assessment of the SRF or even have their goods seized.


Grupo Map Business execute the importation process through account and by order of our customers and is ready to help your company to take advantage of this benefit and optimize its cash flow, reducing the taxes to be paid. 

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