Numerous are the reasons that lead companies to search for their internationalization. In an increasingly interconnected world, for some businesses, export turns up as a way to increase and expand the competitive advantages of your product. Exporting is a way to expand the market share of potential consumers, which enables an increase in revenue. No matter the size of your business, Grupo Map Business works to lead all the internationalisation process of your company and preparing your product to be exported.

We made and conduct market research to evaluate the commercialization feasibility, verifying the international demand of its product, besides assisting in the formation of prices and specificities of the merchandise, such as packing and storage.

Below are some of the processes in which Grupo Map Business offers consulting service:

  • Assessment of the company's export potential

  • Identification of target-markets and potential clients

  • Price formation and operational costs identification

  • Assistance in adapting the labeling required for each country

  • Analysis of contracts and commercial operations

  • Adequacy of the product for each market, implementing improvements and meeting the requeried exportations standards;

  • Licenses obtainment;

  • Representation of the company and its products in national and international fairs.

Internationalization allows your company access to new ideas and technologies to improve its products. Such structural changes generate in significant improvements, both in internal management (new management standards, technologies, labor qualification, increase in the brand value) and international image (in relation to customers, suppliers and competitors).

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