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Road Show


The road show is a more cost-effective alternative to international trade fairs.

We recommend road shows for companies that have not yet ventured into exporting as their first step toward internationalization after an export diagnosis.

The purpose of a road show is to gain deeper insights into the target market through on-site research, conducting meetings with potential buyers who can provide feedback on the product. This feedback covers aspects such as taste, presentation, layout, sizes, regulations, and any other points that need reevaluation.

This is a crucial part of your export project. If you succeed in securing a buyer here, the subsequent steps become easier. Unlike trade fairs, where potential clients are often distributors rather than importers, road shows allow direct engagement with potential buyers.

On average, road shows span five business days, with a minimum of 10 meetings with buyers. These buyers are carefully analyzed, and preliminary negotiations are conducted to generate interest in the product.

During the visit, product samples are presented, and face-to-face interactions can make a significant difference.

We offer services to prepare you for the road show, accompany you, or act as your representative.

Upon your return, we will follow up with these contacts to finalize orders and oversee the entire process.

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