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International Fairs


International trade fairs are highly sought after for business expansion, and MAP BUSINESS, with over ten years of experience in large, medium, and small-scale fairs, can guide your company clearly and precisely. We begin with an active fair strategy—what does this mean?

It means that before selecting a fair, we conduct a diagnosis to determine which fair would be most interesting, considering the following points:

  1. Target Market Selection

  2. Search for Fairs in Your Sector, Both Government-Supported and Independent

  3. Verification of Landed Price Composition (i.e., B2B price inclusive of the entire logistics and tax chain at the destination)

  4. Negotiation of Fair Terms and Contracts

  5. Active Fair Approach: Sending Invitations to Your Booth via Mailing

  6. Business Intelligence

  7. Analysis of Potential Partnerships with Showrooms

  8. Sample Sending

  9. Activation of Mailing within a 100 km radius for Potential Buyers

  10. Scheduling Pre-arranged Online Meetings and Sending Catalogs

Up to this point, we will provide all the necessary support for you. But if the question is: “Will you be present at the fair?” the answer is a resounding yes!

We have a multilingual team that can accompany you through all stages. The individuals involved in the project are not outsourced; they are part of our team. You can rely on their expertise and know-how in international trade throughout the entire process.

We can attend as your representative or alongside you.

After the fair, numerous demands may arise, and that’s where our ongoing support becomes crucial for your business. Here are some areas where we’ll work together:

  1. Follow-up with all contacts made at the international fair

  2. Sending catalogs and presentations

  3. Negotiating orders with factories

  4. Assessing factory adaptations

  5. Supporting the operational process for direct or indirect exports (exchange rate closure, customs clearance, domestic and international logistics, insurance)

  6. Analyzing international contracts

  7. Managing payment flows

  8. Providing logistical guidance

  9. Post-sales support

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