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Alessandra Marcelino

Alessandra Marcelino, Brazilian, with a degree in Foreign Trade from UNIVALI, began her professional activities in the field of marketing and retail in 1994, and after five years, started her journey in foreign trade working in the international freight area, establishing herself in multinationals arriving to director positions in SC and then SOUTH of Brazil.


After a few years, in 2006 she decided to be an entrepreneur and became a businesswoman with five companies today:

  • Sustainable market place, trading, consulting & projects in Brazil,

  • Fashion & beauty business in the United States,

  • and  trading for market place in Portugal, all connected in the foreign trade area.

Invited to be a World Bank Consultant on demand in 2013; elected Director of IBREI - Brazilian Institute of International Business Relations in SC from 2018 to 2021; delegate of CECIEX - Council of Commercial Importers and Exporters in SC since 2019, all in activity, has expertise with more than 20 years in foreign trade, in addition to being a speaker, consultant and business intermediary with more than 2000 successful cases in her career in several areas.

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