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The ex-tarifario is a temporary reduction of the import tax rate on capital goods, IT and telecommunications when there is no equivalent national production. This tax compose the basis of product cost, and any reduction creates an impact on the company's investment.


Expanding the location limits of your suppliers can bring benefits to your company, such as in terms of costs, as well as quality and product differentiation. To ensure full potential exploration, it is important to have highly skilled consultant professionals  to assist you. 


The tax classification of goods is a point of extreme importance. The correct tax classification of the product can bring benefits of reducing the tax burden in the import process or even exempting some taxes temporarily.


Numerous are the reasons that lead companies to search for their internationalization. In an increasingly interconnected world, for some businesses, export turns up as a way to increase and expand the competitive advantages of your product.


Drawback is an incentive modality for export, represented by a special customs regime. This allows an exemption or suspension of collection of various taxes and duties on imported inputs used in the industrialization and packaging of products exported or to be exported.


In addition to assisting in tax classification, which is funda-mental to guarantee correct tax payments and ensure that the procedures required for each type of product before shipment are known and executed, Grupo Map Business assists Brazilian and foreign companies regarding the complex Brazilian tax system . 

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