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Because we are protected by confidentiality clauses with our clients, we reserve not to disclose them, but in case of interest, we will be happy to detail the methodology of the projects already executed, where we have had great success in generating value for all of them. Below some segments with which we already work:

  • Alcoholic beverage;

  • Bags and accessories;

  • Brownies and mini cakes;

  • Cheese bread;

  • Clothes;

  • Cosmetics;

  • Headlights;

  • Juices;

  • Lingerie & underwear;

  • Organic beverage

  • Organic food;

  • Sports wear;

  • Swimwear;

  • Vehicles and auto parts;

  • On demand.


We seek to develop our activities in the most sustainable and responsible way possible, since our actions at our headquarters up to the choice of our clients. We work with companies that, like us, believe in the importance of sustainable practices to its enterprise.

Producing, transporting, consuming and disposing of a certain item, causes an impact on nature and society. For this reason, by demonstrating environmental and social responsibility in our actions, the available resources are intelligently employed in order to minimize the impact and guarantee the existence of resources to the new generations in the future.

Since we work with several companies from different areas and industries, it is essential to understand their supply chain, from its initial process with the selection of the raw material and other resources used in its manufacture, disposal in the market and processing of the waste generated.

The demand for food, beverages, cosmetics and even handcraft products that carry the organic stamp is increasingly common and sought after. Due to the demand boost, the export of organic products is supported by public and private initiatives, allowing products of Brazilian biodiversity to reach the hands of the international consumers.



As a result of an entrepreneurial dream, Map Logistics was founded in 2006 as a mechanism to facilitate Foreign Trade, looking for ways to assist its customers business, offering the best logistics solutions.


Based on the merits of increasing credibility and experience in the field, the business changed its home office format to a commercial establishment in the downtown of Florianópolis. After two years of activity, it was realized that customers needed more information to expand their own business.

With this purpose in mind, it was incorporated to our venture Map Business, a trading company that works as a business facilitator, operating in all segments of the Foreign Trade, making trading relations less complicated and more accessible to its customers.


Years later, in order to unify the two companies, in 2013 emerged the Grupo Map, a group that aimed to integrate the logistical and operational activities carried out by Map Logistics to the international business activities performed by Map Business.

With a team of qualified and experienced professionals, Grupo Map assists its clients in all operational and legal aspects in import and export processes.


In order to represent more faithfully the activities performed by our group in 2017, we decided to change our visual identity and represent our union and commitment to our clients and partners through our name. With this in mind, we have become the Grupo Map Business in order to demonstrate our focus as an interlocutor and business executor.




For any information, questions or comments, please call: +55 48 3207-9088. Or fill in the form:

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