An American multinational founded with the intention of developing and producing an unequaled line of lighting products has opened its Brazilian headquarters in the state of Paraná. However, the company in question felt the need to settle in some state that offered better logistical conditions and tax benefits.



Due to this need, the representatives of the company in Brazil contacted Grupo Map Business, and then started a survey about which state would be the best option taking into account the characteristics of the products manufactured by this company. When evaluating the states of Amazonas, São Paulo and Santa Catarina, it was found that Santa Catarina offers many advantages when comparing to the others ones, even considering the numerous benefits of exemption in the Free Zone of Manaus or even São Paulo, due to this being the largest business center in Brazil.

When analyzing all the tributary, logistical, and cultural aspects it is concluded that for this company Santa Catarina would be the best option. In some cases the tax benefits do not compensate the logistical expenses.

Santa Catarina has 5 well equipped ports and maintains regular lines with the main ports of the world. In addition, there is in the state the tax benefit of Differential Tax Treatment that allows a reduction in the ICMS tax rate. When we observe the population, Santa Catarina is the Brazilian state with the best index of development in Brazil.


After taking into account these points and other information, the multinational decided to open its headquarters in Santa Catarina and hired the Grupo Map Business as an extension of its import department. For this reason, the company uses the tax benefit by reducing ICMS on its imports, and enabling an increase in the volume of its sales each year. Another factor to be highlighted is that this company achieved a reduction in cash flow by an average of 15% after the transition process materializes.

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