A French multinational company that in 2014 carried out the expansion of its business with the opening of a headquarters in Brazil in order to serve the Latin American market.

The company, entered the Brazilian market to boost exports to the Latin region, but happened to faced a series of unforeseen challenges. Although the company has a large experience with expansion of its business into other countries, the french company faced a wide number of nomenclatures and diverse tax legislation required by Brazil, and for this reason, hired Grupo Map Business to assist them throughout all the tax issues.




On a visit to the head office, our company analyzed all the details of the operation and reviewed the entire price list. Since most of the inputs used were imported, the enterprise could assume a fiscal benefit called Drawback, which is nothing more than a exemption of taxes on their commodity imports (raw material), since its final destination is the export to the countries of Latin America.


Satisfied with the results achieved, the company hired the Grupo Map Business as an extension of its export department, consolidating the partnership, our company works to achieve the initial goal of brand expansion throughout Latin America.


Besides prospecting international clients, Grupo Map Business conducts since the negotiation, payment terms, orientating in the exchange sector and contracts of purchase and sale of its product, until all the essential support in the definition of the international strategy.

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