A american company, specialized in food and pharmaceutical components, opened its subsidiary company in Brazil on 2013, but at the time did not have enough information about the Brazilian standards.


To conduct the entire commercial operation, the company decided to set up a virtual office in São Paulo and start the Import process. However, to enable the project, it was noticed that in order to initiateimportations it was required a registration with the ANVISA (Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency), because of the complexity of its products.



The Grupo Map Business company was hired to assist and closely monitor the client in all the necessary aspects. The Project began with the tax classification of the merchandise, so that it could then go through all the stages involved in the registration at the ANVISA body. This stage was successfully executed after a year and a half, when then our customer could finally carry out all its imports and resale in Brazil in accordance with the Brazilian norms and standards.


This case illustrates clearly the importance of good planning and previous knowledge of customs and tax area before starting your business in another country, avoiding unnecessary costs to your company.


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