A Hydroelectric, located in the state of Goiás, sought Grupo Map Business in the year 2014 to carry out the process of importing a specific and large equipment of the United States.

Through meetings it was identified that the company in question had never performed any import before, and that given the uniqueness of this project, a detailed planning would be required.


The Project was initiated by means of a cost survey and fiscal NCM classification(code established by the Brazilian Government in order to classify the goods according to the Mercosur regulations) of the product concerned. Since the demanded goods were not produced domestically, nor were there any similar ones in Brazil, the Grupo Map team made an Ex-Tariff request with the Brazilian government, which was approved to grant the import tax rate reduced of 2% , and in addition, applied a state tax benefit allowing our client to benefit from the exemption of ICMS on importation.


With the support of the FCO (Constitutional Fund for the Midwest), our client did not have to demand his own capital, allowing him to benefit from the annual tax incentives of 4.5%, while his money could be invested in more profitable sources that increased his long-term return.

In addition to the legislation and fiscal frameworks, all the cargo international logistics that would leave Wisconsin (USA) and go to Goiás, was assisted by our team.

Through an integrated logistics operation, due to the super dimension of the load, cargo tracing measures and motorcade / security car, specialized road transport and a special international insurance policy were demanded.

The Project was assisted at all times by our company, delivering to our client his cargo in the stipulated time and with many more benefits than he imagined.

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