The Grupo Map Business participated in the Feira do Empreendedor at the International Business Arena. The event took place on 7, 8, 9 and 10 of April and had participation of 147 thousand visitors.


On the first day of the event Barbara Koen Garcia, partner of the Grupo Map Business, participated in a talk show with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and a Belgian company. On the talk, Barbara has told us about the need to invest more than financially in exporting, we need to be prepared to invest time, and to have patience.  This is often one of the biggest challenges. She told the audience about one of our successful cases and about the cultural differences that can interfere in the adaptation of a product to a new market.

On the second day we participated in several business rounds as buyers and meet several Brazilian industries of products with great export potential. In addition to new business, these meetings inspired us a lot because we see that even with the difficulties the country still have, there are Brazilians who believe in their product and are willing to introduce it to the world.

On April 9th, Alessandra Marcelino, founder of the Grupo Map Business, gave a lecture about export entitled "International Prospecting, Steps and Challenges", where she shared some of her experience in the area of import and export and spoke about the entire process of preparing products and companies before start the international prospection. Alessandra talked about the alternatives that the producer has to minimize the cost of production when the product is destined to export. And also reinforced the advantages that exporting can bring to the producer. The gains are not  just financial, the brand gains more credibility and processes inside the company become more efficient.

We also participate in business rounds with international buyers in order to present all the products represented by the Grupo Map Business.​


Some numbers about the Feira do Empreendedor 2018:

§  147 thousand visitors at the Feira do Empreendedor
§  4.759 visitors at the International Business Arena! Record!

§  20 lectures and 17 talk-shows
§  54 participating entities, companies and partners
§  88 international buyers from countries: Russia, Poland, France, Colombia, South Africa, Tanzania and Mauritius Islands.
§  92 selling industries
§  466 business meetings (round)
§  US $ 21,557,244.40 in the rounds

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