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Financial Assistance

Using financing can be an advantageous way to enable the marketing of your product in the international trade and making it more competitive. Grupo Map Business has vast experience with the various forms of financing that may be available to your company. We analyze your project and help you choose the best one for your business. We also assist your company in all the necessary procedures to carry out the concession request and follow the process until the end along the financing entities, many of them we already have contact, given the number of processes we conducted.

Bellow are some forms of financing that may be an option for your project:



Advance on Exchange Contract

The ACC is an advance of resources in national currency (R$) to the exporter due to an export to be made in the future. It takes place in the pre-shipment phase in order to finance the production.


Advance on Deposits

The ACE is an advance of the resources in national currency (R$) to the exporter in the post-shipment phase through transference to the chosen bank of the rights over the forward sale.


Advance Exchange Contract Inputs

Grants resources to suppliers of inputs that integrate the productive process of goods for export.


BNDES support for the importation of national goods and services that can be applied both in the pre-shipment phase and in the post-shipment phase


Financing for the production and acquisition of new machines and equipment of national manufacture, accredited at BNDES.


Financing of investment projects for implantation, expansion and modernization of industrial, agribusiness, infrastructure and tourist enterprises, in the Center-West region.


Financing with resources from the National Treasure to exports of goods, services, cinematographic productions, franchises and software.


Financing to the exporter, in national currency, with funds from the FAT (Worker Assistance Fund) to stimulate the export of micro and small enterprises. Another point is the incentive to increase Brazilian exports by financing the domestic production of goods, in the pre-shipment stage, and by financing export promotion expenses.

Letter of Credit

An instrument issued by a bank at the request of a client in which the first one, in accordance with the client's instructions, undertakes to make a payment to a third party on the condition of the delivery of previously stipulated documents. In other words, it is a conditional payment order, in which the exporter will only be entitled to receive it if it meets all the requirements it has agreed upon.

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