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Dutting Taxes


In addition to assisting in tax classification, which is fundamental to guarantee correct tax payments and ensure that the procedures required for each type of product before shipment are known and executed, Grupo Map Business assists Brazilian and foreign companies regarding the complex Brazilian tax system .

In Brazil, federal taxes such as IPI, PIS / PASEP, COFINS and also ICMS, a state tax that varies according to each state, may be levied on the product. Another tax, the ICMS-ST, included on some merchandise in order to avoid default, is charged in some states in the clearance, while others in the sale (exit) of the merchandise.

In importing processes our Group assists in the issuance of entry notes, helping to calculate all taxes. On the export side we carry out the complete calculation of the export cost and advise on tax optimization by observing the tax credits that your company can obtain in the purchase of raw materials and services for the production of the product to be exported.

Knowing and understanding the tax system of the country in which it is desired to act is paramount to define the strategies that will be applied in this country. The tax aspects can influence the choice of the state in which the company will settle, evaluating which offers the best conditions for this activity or business.

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