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Accounting Assistance

We work in partnership with accounting offices, allowing us to advise our clients in all aspects related to business accounting. We serve national and international companies that need guidance on accounting, tax issues, personnel department and corporate services.

Below is a list of the services we can assist you with:​

Livros alinhados


  • Classification and bookkeeping of the account according to the current accounting standards and principles;

  • Compliance with ancillary obligations at the federal, state and municipal levels;

  • Elaboration of specific business management reports;

  • Inspection attendance;


  • Guidance on the tax records of entries, exits, merchandise, products and services at federal, state and municipal levels

  • Determination of taxes Pis, Cofins, ISS, IPI, ICMS and other taxes and contributions;

  • Review of Internal Tax Procedures;

  • Consultancy on the issuance of invoices, costs formation of products and services;

  • Consulting and guidance of the issuance of invoices in the import and export economic sector;

  • Collection and recovery of tax credits;

  • Guidance and information on the application of norms and legal precepts in the federal, state and municipal spheres;

  • Application of the legal norms regarding ICMS, ICMS Tax Replacement, Special Regimes regarding ICMS in all states of the federation;

  • Analysis, orientation and elaboration to request the registration of the Siscomex/ Radar (Radar Limited and Radar Unlimited);


  • Employment contract registration;

  • Elaboration of payroll as well as compliance with all inherent obligations, taxes and contributions;

  • Admissions, terminations, vacation, 13th salary;

  • Labor and Social Security Consulting;

  • Elaboration of Gfips and social security calculations in labor lawsuits;

  • Employee’s Union Contribution;

  • Guidance, control and application of the precepts of consolidation of Labor, Social Security, Unions and other laws applicable to employer-employee relationship.

  • Enrollment of CEI - INSS Specific Registry for civil construction works;

  • Regularization of Civil Construction Works in Social Security;

  • Internal Labor Audits;

  • Availability of personalized customer service using the company's own system, either in person or remotely.


  • Company Formation

  • Companies Terminate ;

  • Elaboration and monitoring of social contract; contractual changes, social rescission, minutes, statutes and all pertinent acts along the Trade Board; Civil Registry Offices and Councils of Legally Regulated Professions; Brazilian Bar Association;

  • Feasibility Consultations;

  • Request for federal, state and municipal taxpayer registrations - Licenses and Entries

  • Issuance of Negative Certificates;

  • Control, validity deadlines of negative certificates and taxpayer registrations.

  • Follow-up of the processes along public agencies;

  • Request for tax installment;

  • Requests, Amendments and Renewal of Regimes at the federal, state and municipal levels.

Each business model requires attention to the specifics of the branch of activity, since a certain activity may require that more steps be carried out until its consolidation. Grupo Map Business has a team of experienced professionals who will assist your company in all the establishment process in Brazil, ensuring that it occurs as quickly and practically as possible within the norms of Brazilian legislation.

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